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Crooked River Vote Strength

99.95% strong and always underestimated by Turd Blossom himself, here’s a look back to the madness of election night on Fox on the night of this State of the Union Address.

Coming soon, Megyn’s walk of shame, but first enjoy Karl Rove spinning his fat head off on the various counties of Ohio as the Obama voters celebrate split-screen:

Then after that awkward bit of republican logic we get to see the leggy Ms. Kelly wobble down through Fox’s frightening offices until finding “the decision desk”, a room where Arnin, Chris Stirewalt, and “these guys behind” are charged with facing reality.

Did you catch how she admitted they rehearsed this bit of newscaster wandering?  People think I’m bullshitting when I say that Ohio has determined many of the recent presidential elections, this one was actually called due to my county.