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All Over The World with Tawl Ross

There is a great album from the rare bird known as Tal Ross (or Tawl, or Lucious, or Detrimental Vasoline) that came out in 1995 called Giant Shirley that you might have missed. The mysterious Tal is the original OG guitar player along with Eddie Hazel in the first Funkadelic lineup, but he dropped out of the music scene in 1971 without another single project – until this one in 1995.

There’s a lot of great songs full of layered guitar and vocal melodies that will make any old Funkadelic head feel right at home. Here’s a little sample:

If you are on Amazon Music, there’s also an alternate mix version of this album that is also amazing. You can hear the same songs done with different mixes and it brings whole new elements and longer jam sessions to the party.

Good stuff.