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Happy 30th Internet!

Happy belated 30th birthday to the modern internet!

In 1982, Vint Cerf and his team at ARPANET had a problem. They had roughly 1,000 servers spread around america trying to network with each other. The addressing and networking protocols they were using were failing at that scale. So they set out (with US Department of Defense funding) to develop a far more robust protocol.

Their new system was called TCP/IP and it’s the core of the internet to this day. They installed it and turned it all on January 1, 1983. Now the network could scale, and it grew quickly through the 80’s.

By 1989 a professor named Tim Berners-Lee was finishing up his design on the http hypertext protocol so he could share his editable research notes with colleagues overseas. This became the www by the early 90’s and we haven’t looked back since.

30 years of internet and look how far we’ve come. Try to imagine the internet in 2043!