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Michelle Delivers

It’s election, I mean crazy time.

Haters abound these days. Disrespect runs rampant. Killing America’s #1 enemy, ending wars, giving people health care, giving women equal pay and rights … these things get ignored or lied away by a very vocal percentage of my country.

Not me, I’m a proud American who is happy to have a fine president and first lady. They are wonderful role models to so many of us and my primary gripe with his first term is that he didn’t celebrate enough. True I want a healthier economy and other improvements, but I wanted them 20 years ago and still I wait. But the guy is so low-key that he doesn’t ever brag, even when I feel his news should be celebrated.

Barrack is a baller, and he seems to be one of those ‘I let the scoreboard do my talking’ kind of guys. I just hope it’s not too late to win back over the people he’s lost. He should be more open about the hunt for Bin Laden (but not brag on this). He should brag about his healthcare plan, at least the good parts of it. He should brag about his environmental programs, his social programs, etc.. He’s way more quiet than I thought he’d be.