decades of fun

Damn Right He’s Back

This dude that went by just D’angelo flew up the charts in the mid-90’s doing a seriously slow and funky, even guttural soul music, sitting mainly behind an electric piano while being pelted by praise, panties, and eventually grammys. I remember skeptics back then calling it funk lite or otherwise diminishing his talent behind the orgasmic screams of his female fans.

I thought he was an amazing talent from the moment I heard him play his rhodes.

He did a very funky 2nd lp Voodoo around 1999 that ultimately produced no big hits, started to play around with his sex symbol image, generally did his own thing against the pressures of the hip-hop/r&b scene he was the new prince of, and somehow dropped off the scene.

There were gossip press -spread rumors about all the usual suspects – drugs, ego, fame – which to me usually translates to “dude was too regular to wanna stay famous”.

The internet was taking over entertainment and D’angelo was dropping off the scene. I always admired him for that, and patiently have been awaiting the day he decided to take it to the stage again. About a decade passed and now we have this.

D’angelo is not only back, he has picked up a few new skills on his journey!

Enjoy this amazing P-Funk cover filmed a few months ago, where he and his new band manage to pay homage to the funkiest funk ever. D himself channels two legends at the same time, doing the memories of Glen Goins and Garry Shider proud.

…and the little guitar love interlude in the last 2 minutes even had me going whoa damn D!