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Modern American Racism

It’s the end of 2011 in America. Some say post-race. I say BS.

Some of us were raised to treat people based on the value of their character, while some use skin color and cultural differences to separate. Don’t believe me? Here’s some names used regularly to describe President Obama and first lady Michelle, pulled at random from the comments on any right-wing web site: 

  • “BIG BRObama”  — not bad, witty, rolls off the tongue. Big Brother (The Man) being a black guy is a new one though
  • “King Odumbo” — a real stretch here. He’s the King, he’s dumb, he’s an elephant? Or is it because he has big ears? OK that’s kinda funny if it’s about his ears.
  • “Our Illegal alien monkey king” — hitting for the cycle here. Not only is he a monkey, he’s an illegal alien monkey!! Also somehow King too – Oh no! We all know monkeys should not be citizens.
  • “Wookie” — there it is. The politically correct way of saying gorilla? Short and sweet, we get the point but you are just talking about Star Wars, right? Also Wookie’s are good guys, known for toughness and loyalty.
  • “Our Affirmative Action President” — So after GWB and the royal fascist family of oil tycoons running the country, this. Minimize and trivialize.
  • “Half Blood” — old school. This is the kind of talk that used to get people murdered.
  • “Moochelle” — how out of touch and racist do you have to be to think Michelle Obama is horribly overweight? How desperate are you if you need to shoot down a politician’s wife based on her ass?
  • “A pair of grifters” — nothing like calling an independently wealthy and educated college professor married to a lawyer grifters. Good thing the Republicans are watching the crystal at the white house, yet the Iraq war cost a trillion dollars and Halliburton turned record profits. Who’s grifting who? Just another play on their race.
  • “Zippy” — this one is the most common and I don’t understand the implication, other than to make him seem like a sidekick or a token. I’ve not been indoctrinated into enough racism to even get this one.
  • “Pure Thug” — straight racist. Unless Obama had shown a history of violently or aggressively shutting down opposition or otherwise had blood on his hands, how could he be a thug? The man has manners and class and generally speaks thoughtfully, so where is the thuggishness? It’s just word association to place that image in the heads of racists.
  • “The Jeffersons” — a 70’s TV reference to a fictional black family from the ghetto that moves uptown. Again, considering Obama was raised in Hawaii by his white grandmother, and middle-class Michelle excelled through high school and followed her older brother to Princeton, where is the ghetto in the Obama’s past? It isn’t there. But the racists want you to associate them with the ghetto.
  • “American Hating Muslim Family” — built on the strong premise that the person that hates America most is it’s very own president, and the person who ordered Bin Laden killed is himself a muslim that happens to attend christian church, celebrates christmas, easter, and wears a cross. What a strange world these morons live in.

When they get past name calling and string a few words together, their hate is tangible and real. It’s truly amazing to walk amongst people with such horribly different observations about the world:

  • “Who’s a racist? Monkeys just don’t have enough intelligence to run a country. Look at Kenya. Look at the USA.”
  • “Mooslims are destructive to all societies they infiltrate and have been their entire existence. Wish it wasn’t true but thats their history.”
  • “Don’t need another porch monkey loser.”
  • “How about a prisoner swap? I’d rather see our corrupt and arrogant melanzana president in that cage along with the rest of his mud people infested socialist regime! These traitors deserve no less.”
  • “Obama wouldn’t mind the cage…It would be like the Zoo…feels like home…”
  • “should have never invented cotton picking machines there would be a use to them other than complaining”
  • “I’ll be a HIGGER. Halfrican-nigger”
  • “Will we see Moochelle on TV using a food stamp card?”

No thanks to republican sites like Foxnews, RedState, Lucianne, Ace of Spades, and Townhall for spewing this trash. Daily. This little collection I made took only a few minutes and there is fresh racist hatred posted daily.

I remember back a few years, hating on Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld, primarily because of the war. I was also mad about putting CEO’s in charge of regulating their industries, and upset about going backwards on the environment and climate issues, but generally most fired up about the war.

I called Bush a war criminal. I ranted to everyone that W was either a retarded simpleton or a brilliant cover for this war profiteering scheme. I called for a deep investigation of Cheney and Karl Rove. I would not be against prosecuting for illegal acts that can be proven.

But still, compare the political outrage of the left trying to stop a war, run by a president they didn’t believe in – to now. Only some of us are post-race and frankly, with people like those above shouting their place in America it will be a lot longer until we are truly free from racism.