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The Truth Comes Out

They held out for a couple of years by hiding behind anonymous internet postings and various code words, but the right wing media in the US has finally let loose on what they think of President Obama and his wife Michelle.

“Uppity-ism”. Then double down and read it again. “A little uppity”. If you have ever seen that word before you know what it applies to, and it ain’t pretty.

The racism is pure, direct, and unequivocal. To be called “uppity” you have to belong to a lower social class in the first place. Since the Obama’s are both well educated and wealthy, and hold jobs at the highest level of American life, what is it about them that is over-reaching?

Their skin color of course. (I only type it for non-US speakers who might not know the term). Barrack is mixed African/Caucasian and Michelle is African-American, and both Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck have no issue calling them “uppity” across the american airwaves.

I’ve seen pictures of Obama turned into a gorilla, a suicide bomber, a pimp, and a gangster rapper, online and at rally’s. I’ve read and seen more insulting things about Michelle in 2 years than anyone even bothered to write about Mrs. Bush in 8 years.

Right wingers literally can’t even call her by her first name, usually using the slam”Moochelle” or “Moose”. Name calling is for the weak-minded.

And the references to her rearend crack me up – the republicans are on this trip that her ass is too big. What kind of men are these?