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The Self-Powered Future


Self-powering feels good. Sustainability feels good. It’s not always easy or even cheaper, but it does feel good to *not* waste. I get that buzz when I ride my bike. People who farm/garden/build their natural environment feel it. I’ve never seen a lazy person on a bike or someone needing instant gratification growing flowers or vegetables.

Surrounded by electronic gadgets, pervasive internet, and 18-hour on-call workdays makes finding a few minutes to accomplish something with just your hands/body critical. Some of the most amazing programmers I’ve known were very physical at something beyond typing. Your body and mind are far more connected than couch surfers care to admit.

So here ya go iPads and Androids — soon you will be able to charge while you walk! That nice rubbery bounce you get when you pivot your poundage can now generate a small electrical current, and the designers just patented the idea and are working to design the first shoe that gives you an electrical charge just for walking in it!

There’s no such thing as free energy, we know that. But every time you move you are directing energy, so good call on capturing some of that energy used to pop back into our gadgets. This goes up there with wave power in my mind as an excellent future power source.