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Welcome To The Afterfuture

Now that I’m out in the mix DJ’ing again, I’ve been peeping some of the technology used to spin music in 2010.

I started out as a vinyl DJ in the 90’s, then got my laptop-based Traktor setup going around 2002. I remember being one of the few laptop DJ’s around back then, and used to catch crap and generally cause controversy amongst that crowd.


I even showed up to spin a slot for a breakdance event once and they didn’t want me to setup the laptop where the dancefloor could see it, because these people were not down with dancing to a laptop back then.

I can handle a heckler (I was used to it, I had no 1200 in my vinyl rig!) and usually a few 1/4 beat stutter-loops during a flanger sweep and toggling EQ cutoffs with finger-rolls got them to humph and back off!

You just gotta let the other DJ wannabees know that they can’t do what you just did and things work out.

Time has marched on and these days even the hippest bands have macbooks sitting on stage, and yes, the iPhone and the iPad can do all sorts of sick audio trickery. Check it:
That’s some serious audio software, capable of crazy noise in both a live and studio setting. Given the average D-A converters in Apple’s consumer stuff it’s not high-end, but it will work on a gig fer sure.
So if you are cool enough to see me perform in the next few months you might see me give some of these 21st century toys a workout. I know my Kaos pad and my old trusty Electribe already get a nice beat down.