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Hard Copy What?

So I’m a bit surprised to see that a small percentage of music services (radio, blogs, other promotional media) continue to want submissions of physical cd’s and press kits.

Jerry Mail

They seem to do all of their music related business online, but when it comes to adding you to a playlist some still want a hard copy shipped to them regardless of what digital format you have already provided.

It doesn’t make much sense to me, other than to think these types still want freebies, or they just continue to work in a very pre-digital way. Maybe they hold stock in FedEx.
I will never attempt to get rid of physical formats but I’m surprised this is still a requirement some places. I love getting something physical, with vinyl being my favorite. I see the benefits of most formats.
But we are talking promo here, indie style, and forcing printing costs on artists, when not needed is silly (especially in this economy, thanks W!).