decades of fun

Climbing with Desperate Youth

aka we are going to see TV on the Radio with friends tonight!


YES INDEED. TVOTR, the first new band
I’ve fell in love with in several years
is playing our neighborhood for the 1st time.
It’s exciting times for them:
hits, media spurts, covers and vibes.

TVOTR have it all kickin right now.
Good for them they actually deserve it.
Art for arts sake is the point.
Much needed rock and roll therapy.
It should be a hell of a night


[in other news….]
check out the new baby @ and checks the old lady @

So yeah, peep them, preview them, perhaps buy them,
you can ask for a refund when we tour ;-),
Put them in your playlist and look at people crazy
when they infect your ipodded ears, puhleeeze!

The new SSB is completely wireless
The new SSB requires no service contract
The new SSB is pink and black
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