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Your Daily Forecast

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how stupid some people are. I try to stay humble and self-deprecating.

I know i’m flawed.

This internet, these blogs, this youtube, these bookmarks are supposed to make us more informed.More educational materials are available for free now than ever before.

But regardless – myths, hype, spin, and falsehoods abound. Ignorance is bliss in this nation of self-servitude and convenience.


Today’s item:
Global warming is not affiliated with your daily weather forecast.

That is to say, if it’s hot out that’s not proof that we are all going to burn up. If it’s cold out that does not mean that all scientists are morons.

If you study the science, research the evidence, and deduce some reasoned facts you would probably agree with most of the scientists who say man-made global warming is a real and serious problem, if not one that is on a much larger scale than the daily temperature in your neck of the woods.

Scientists and climatologists admit the weather is a amazingly complex issue.

It is affected locally by all sorts of independent variables such as bodies of water, air currents, elevations, etc..

But when crunching the numbers on a macro scale, such localizations disappear and patterns emerge. Data scientists can see these patterns and determine trends.

There is quite a big difference between your local forecast and global weather statistical analysis.

If you come with only a political viewpoint, or generally find science and facts to be opposite of your preferred points of reference, then yeah, cold days prove scientists are wrong and global warming doesn’t exist.

All all the storms and warm days just prove that the end days are near, because we only are getting warmer as a planet overall because god must want it that way.

So, to review:

–airplanes can’t fly because metal is heavier than air.
–boats are also much heavier than water so they sink.
–global warming is a crock because it’s 5 degrees outside today in my area.

Any other questions? I love America.