Giving In To The Streaming Monster

I am always pushing for higher sound quality and reminding people about the limitations of streaming.

I’m also a modern man in this streaming world – one who is online 24/7. I can’t resist the addictive power of youtube … Read the rest

Getting Skanky Panky with Koala

Great DJ, someone that I have been rocking for years, it’s Kid Koala – giving you magic with 2 or 3 turntables:



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This Is A Journey Into Sound

Old school greatness from Eric B & Rakim

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Many Are Brainless

Deltron 3030 DELTRON3030

Sick album, great stuff. All time classic in my library:


Get a taste then buy the lossless version here.

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Only Stream If You Also Buy Music

If you stream and don’t buy anything ever, you are hurting us all.

We all do it, or know those that do. Since about 1999 (the early Napster era) the idea of actually paying for your music collection has been … Read the rest

The Music Is Coming Through Me

Great classic DJ Shadow, kicking off the “DJ as artist” genre in the mid 90’s:

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I Don’t Want To Dance I Want To Scare You!

Sick record by a sick DJ. Sneeze into your elbow please.… Read the rest

A Golden Oldie from Ezraz


Back when I was a little bitty baby boy, here’s “Touch Me” from the first DJ Raz release:… Read the rest

Easin In The Funk – Monday Mix Kickoff

vinyl DJ

A Guy Called Gerald drops some old school funk to help you ease into your week.… Read the rest

Crunked Down – Chopped Andre 3000



8fd04d8b99ab1bee72b37ce398d42802Read the rest

Lemme Show You Somethin

So much to like here, bet you missed this one.

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The iOS as Timecoded Vinyl

Wow, sometimes I think that iOS will control most of our lives.

Here is another tool that currently requires specialized, expensive hardware to operate, reduced to an iOS app and some sticky tape!

Could the iPhone/iPod touch replace DJs’ timecoded Read the rest

Welcome To The Afterfuture

Now that I’m out in the mix DJ’ing again, I’ve been peeping some of the technology used to spin music in 2010.

I started out as a vinyl DJ in the 90’s, then got my laptop-based Traktor setup going around

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Called a “Spin Doctor” by The Scene

Check your boy getting some local pub for the Northside Nights:

Thanks Scene for the mention, it should be a good time Thursday night. If you are in town please do make an appearance.

my face has more than

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