Trump Treason?

Boom goes the dynamite.

Where there is smoke there is fire. Light it up!

Don Trump Jr. just admitted that during the election he met with a Russian lawyer claiming to have dirt on Hillary. This could be treason.

He was revising his yester-lie (a chip off the old block)

that he had met with the lawyer over US-Russian adoption policies when he said he brought then-campaign manager Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner along.

He claimed total ignorance of the lawyer and her ties to the Kremlin. Yeah right. Why bring those two to a meeting about adoption policies? Why take that meeting during the campaign anyway?

But in this version of his story …

does every Trump try 2-3 lies before settling on their favorite one?…

he said the lawyer claimed to have damaging info on Clinton. He took the meeting under that pretense only to leave disappointed because she wouldn’t provide the info.

Wow. Just wow.

I know we are deep in the Trump™ Post-Fact Fake News World, but how far will we go before stopping this crew of maniacs?

They are now admitting treason, and even bragging about it.


If There Was No Collusion, It Wasn’t for Lack of Trying

The Truth Behind Donald Trump, Jr.,’s Meeting with a Russian Lawyer

Russia drama: WH advisers leak story about Trump son

Donald Trump Jr. was promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton before meeting with a Russian lawyer


Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign manager, formerly employed by pro-Russian parties in Ukraine.

  • TrumpTreason™
    #MAGA #ManiacsAreGoverningAmerica
    It’s criminal and seemingly psychopathic.
    Like out in the open. Lie all day. Change your story every morning.
    Blame everyone else. Attack the messenger.
    Live with 20% support, as long as Congress doesn’t take your immunity
    from prosecution.

  • Of course his story has changed yet again! I think this is the 4th version so far.
    Trumps are such FUGGIN liars it’s amazing. And his fans don’t care.

    I really liked my neighbors TV. It looked amazing from the street.
    So one night I broke in to steal it. But once in there I really didn’t like the bezel.
    So I left without it.

    My neighbor has been accusing me for 6 months. I’ve been denying it.
    Now that I’ve admitted it it’s not illegal, right? I didn’t actually steal anything.

    Nope you stupid Trump

  • Reports are that FoxNews comment system is censoring comments by removing actual Trump quotes from within posts.

    First off, maybe illegal? Is there anything scandalous left?
    I am not a member so I haven’t tested it, but I can try it with Disqus here.

    All you have to do is quote Trump Jr’s emails:

    “Seems we have some time and if it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer. Could we do a call first thing next week when I am back?”

    then the Foxnews comment systems posts it without the quote.

  • looks like DIsqus is allowing it.

  • 6 days later we have at least 5 more versions of the story.

    we are up to 8 people in this meeting. don jr’s “transparency” is a total joke.

    almost everything don sr. says is cover for what he’s actually doing.

    one of the lawyers has quit, several more have been hired.

    keep investigating everyone, the witch is losing power.

  • the real question i see right now on disqus is if they hide threads and keep stuff out of the recommended and favorite threads.

    for instance, this trump treason thread has not been recommended to me through any of their systems yet.

  • several more russians were in the meeting too. at least one of them was not just a translator.
    dirty dirty dirty

  • version 8 of the story, by my count.
    the question for trump supporters isn’t how can you let him lie?
    the question is how many times can you let him lie? stories change daily.

  • finally did. conspiracy theory averted for now.

  • i have only seen it once, even though it’s a popular thread.

  • every trump story has at least 4 versions of “the truth”

    it’s so easy, but so sad, that his followers don’t care about his constant lying.

    all the followers i know in the real world won’t talk about it. they are ashamed, and scared.

  • So dirty. The trump clan are the scummiest people ever in the white house.

    Surrounded by Mafia lawyers. TrumpTreason™

  • Day 8 of the disqus-treason-gate investigation! I’ve seen it recommended once, and I clicked the heart thing to recommend it too.

  • check

  • if congress impeached his whole scam would die.
    investigators could get his taxes and other financials.
    the press would be ready for payback and put the story together.

    the thing with the trump’s con is it’s all bluster and charm. they are actually quite sloppy. they leave clues all over, they break the simplest little rules, and they usually admit their con on tape somewhere eventually.

  • i can’t wait for the story to grow to include dirty russian money, russian whores, and people trafficking!

    i’ve said from day one that Trump Modeling Inc. was a front for selling young european women to rich white american guys, exploiting the immigration system.

    All felonies. If justice applied to billionaires like Trump he’d be in prison for a long time.

  • I saw it 1 out of 5 times. Seems maybe they are weighting it down, b/c it comes up,
    but it’s the most popular thread of the last few months

    it is rarely recommended.

  • The attempt to bring Hillary into it shouldn’t work.

    Hillary was asking, through legal channels, about Manafort in Ukraine.

    Ukraine was going through near-civil-war at that moment.
    2 sides – pro-Ukraine, pro-Putin/Russia.

    Hillary requested info from pro-Ukraine side about Manafort.

    Manafort made millions (and didn’t disclose to US forms) as campaign manager for pro-Putin candidate.

    They are using this as the latest defense hoping that we aren’t smart enough to untangle.

  • can we get TrumpTreason™ to trend.

    Trending #TrumpTreason ?

  • 2 out of 3, i think it’s trending 🙂


  • too much info for the average trumpkin

  • what if the meeting was bugged? why wouldn’t it be.

  • both sides could have bugged it.
    if obama, the FBI, and the russians knew about it as it’s happening, what games are going on now?

    maybe trump thinks he can push right through it, politically.

  • trump might be in on some of that prostitutes as foreign models game the rich like to play?

  • they are often employed as maids and waitresses at resorts, perfect cover for them to get their visa and meet all the VIP guests in private settings.

  • seems like after an initial run the story really isn’t being recommended that often. perhaps it’s tied to another metric, like how often a new comment comes in

  • trump treason is the federal resort and spa he’s going to for the rest of his life.

    we could only hope.
    sadly he’s a billionaire and billionaires don’t get justice in america. they are above the law. but we can hope things change. they changed greatly by allowing him into that office in the first place. maybe they’ll change greatly on the rejection.

  • I never see it

  • Juice is flowing
    Follow the money