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Trump is Preparing For Battle Against The Rule of Law

Things are progressing as expected. Trump refuses to back down from anything or anyone and refuses to accept any rule or reality of his surroundings.

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He has started threatening the independent counsel Mueller investigating his campaign and connections to Russia. He is threatening to pardon anyone and everyone, including himself, if possible.

He doesn’t care that a pardon requires an admission of guilt. He’s not trying to win political points, he’s trying to keep himself and his family out of prison.

He doesn’t care that if he orders Mueller fired there’s a good chance his people will resist. Just like with Nixon.

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President Nixon’s demand that the investigator on his tail be fired resulted in the first two people he asked resigning on the spot! He went to a 3rd and got the investigator fired, but this was enough for congress to start impeachment. He resigned before they could impeach.

Trump knows this (at least his many, many lawyers do) but doesn’t seem to care. As usual, he’s going to push the standard lower and lower, forcing a constitutional crisis like we haven’t seen in 43 years.

I can imagine Trump: “Nixon was brought down by firing the special prosecutor? I’m no Nixon, he was a pussy. I grab pussy whenever I want. Fire Mueller. Call Putin, schedule a picnic.”

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Grabbin’ pussy