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Katy Scary

The Super Bowl halftime show was a total disaster. It had none of the demographics pleased.

I was at a party with a bunch of people and their kids, some of who were teenage Katy Perry fans, and even they were cracking on her voice, her stage show, her fashion. Ouch.


Of course the adults with an ounce of taste (or ears) were non-plussed.

The highlight of our viewing was several people calling for Timberlake to appear and pull her top off.

I also got a laugh by imagining they left her hanging in that contraption and during the 2nd half the QB’s had to throw around her.


A proper half-time music show needs very strong material that cuts across all groups, a band and performance that can deliver physically in a way the players on the field do, and a decent amount of sex of the old-fashioned S&M-lite style that we prefer.

Katy Perry had none of the above. She’s a pretty girl but nothing in the show was sexy. Way more trippy and creepy.

Singing was horrible, no band, poor Lenny Kravitz dancing around pretending to play guitar for 1 minute. The highlight was Missy Elliot doing her 2 hits. That’s my review.