decades of fun

Racists For Trump

Why the sour look? Afraid your country is being taken over by outsiders?

Initially it was just the hype lovers. The bombast believers.

The louder the better. The simple message.

The common sense that doesn’t add up. Anti-intellectual of W done without the ‘compassion’ BS.

Macho billionaire Palin version 2.

Demagogue. Real life drama inside the GOP making for great TV and a nervous populace.

Their first strong-man takeover of my lifetime. Will Mussolini rise to power or will his adopted party stop him?

Donald’s not even republican, that’s what’s so funny. His family has been buying democratic favors for decades. He’s been supporting democrats and their positions for most of his life.

But he sees his opportunity to build his brand and he’s addicted to it.

Then the mexican thing. The muslim thing. The black lives matter thing.

Donald really is running for fuhrer isn’t he?

Yeah what he said.

Now it’s all about racists loving Donald. They are showing themselves without hoods in this post-Obama, post terror-attack world.

White supremacists near and far are getting a major traffic boost. Young and old. He’s their savior, their cover, the barely need codewords anymore!

Where does Donald get the playbook?

Is his genius in his ability to rise to power?

Too bad it’s in plain site. Trump’s latest book cover has him posed just like Hitler on Mein Kampf.

Trump’s ex-wife also admits Donald owned, sometimes traveled with, and often read, the advice of Herr Hitler.

So there’s that.

Have fun guys.