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1- Artifacts of Recent History

2- Hearing Science Has Not Decoded Musical Enjoyment

3- Analog & Digital, Sitting In A Tree

4- History Itself Archived

5- Testimonials and More Information on Digital Audio

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THE BEST explanation of DITHER and why it exists – this is critical. Pay attention to the first 30 seconds.

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“Where Did the Negative Frequencies Go?” by Richard C. Heyser

Double Blind Testing by Mark Deneen

Listening Blog #143 by Art Dudley

Who am I? Someone that has loved music since the beginning. My family loves music, my friends love music, my love loves music, and music has given me both nourishment and education.

I also have made music semi-professionally for the past 20+ years, and have worked with people who have successfully made a career out of making music in the studio and on the road.

I did a stint in FM radio and radio production, and I have been a professional computer nerd for most of my life.

I’ve watched the analog to digital change happen in my beloved music and other medias and I have plenty of opinions on what is happening. I’m righteous and bonafide because I know I have legends of music and sound production in my corner.

I’m not an audiophile and I also reject the negativity of that term. People are not foodaphiles if they eat more quality food than fast food. That is just healthy.

The people that care about audio degradation should not be derided even if you think they are wasting their money. They are spending time and money on a noble cause – recreating audio/music as it was meant to be recreated, which further propagates it at a quality level.

Eat fast food if you want, but know that’s what it is and don’t hate on someone who can and will eat better by choice.

I do not have disposable income to spend on perfect audio playback. I’ve usually owned the same mainstream systems as the masses — Sony, Phillips, Bose, Pioneer, Emerson, Apple. I try to avoid marketing-based products (like Beatz and Monster Cables) and like my stuff to last a long time.

I will buy used, and probably have 10 different stereos dating back to the 50’s. I don’t own, or even know, audiophile brands or high end. I’m just a guy who knows how things sound and doesn’t get lost in the math like so many others.

I’ve got a music collection of over 5000 pieces spanning LP, cassette, CD, and computer file and I just want them to sound “right”, or the best they can for what they are.