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Hack Attack Underway

Hand is not ball!

Our little site here is currently under attack from Russian hack-bots so I’ve started to take defensive measures. I’ve had to wipe out all user accounts and some of the various redirects that have built up over the years.

You will need to make new accounts and bear with me through this crap. Fucking hackers, they are the worst.

If you imagine hackbots as fembots the day goes better

Don’t worry – none of this can affect you, your computer, or anything. It’s just a take-down on my site that redirects you to other servers for their profit exploitation.

If you get through and are on then you are fine. It’s not a spoof or anything like that.

I’m seeing the hack when I try to access from a mobile browser – it was redirecting to .ru (russia) and then to

As of now it’s fixed but these things can be really hard to remove completely.