decades of fun

The Late Great Jesus

My best buddy Jesus passed away this week. He was the strongest fighter I knew and his loss has left those in his world confused and bobbling.

My friend Jesus was a great man, the best friend someone could ever have, a flawed man, an amazing musician, father, husband, and hell raiser. Perhaps the finest hell raiser we’ve seen in some time! He left behind a beautiful family of 5 and the struggle is just getting started for them.

I went back through my writings and found a few pieces that were influenced by him, the late great bassist and composer for 2MERICA, Jesus Irizarry. Rest in peace, friend.

The Big Holy Thing

The big holy thing

that I learned at 5:23

peeled the shield

from my mortality

a garbage bag full

of maggots and all

define the mighty

and still we fall

can’t tell, won’t tell, don’t tell

just stall . . .

you booked three rooms

and the devil is in them all

Puerto Rico

Chainsaw Men

Cold days at the park

Peaceful silence

Once again interrupted

By ducks and geese

Carrying on

Crumbling leaves

Blowing under my tires

A quick transformation

Into something less

A crumbled

Fucking mess

Staying together by chance

If it’s me

I am there listing

Just a haunted piece of a glorious past

But I’m the tree

I understand

My buds, my rings, my bark

My roots and my being here

Tied to this earth

As strong as I’ll ever be

I know I’m the tree

And I have been

All along

I sit watching for bugs

And chainsaw men

To take me down