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Travesty Of Justice

True story: 12 year old kid gets a toy gun from the dollar store.




He runs up his street to a small park and pretends he’s shooting various things. Plays with his toy.

A man on a bench sees this and dials 9-1-1. He tells the operator that a kid is playing with a toy gun and he’s worried that someone will think it’s real.

The operator alerts the police. The guy goes home. The kid stays there playing in the snow.

The police show up driving into the park, think it’s real, and shoot the 12 year old dead in under 2 seconds.

They literally pulled up and shot him dead before he could even show his hands, or the gun, or his face, or anything. Turns out the operator didn’t tell the cops it was a kid, and they didn’t assume it could be.


Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 3.10.05 PM


Because you know, it’s Cleveland, it’s a black guy, and he’s clearly got a gun. Shoot first is what a lot of the white cops do these days.

Who was the cop? The shooter was a rookie white guy who failed out of the suburban police squad then was hired in one of Cleveland’s violent areas, reportedly looking for more action. He got it. And guess what else he just got?

Even more true: a jury in Cleveland just decided against even charging the cop.