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Oh My Obamacare, Part 2: A Visit From The Navigator


While I was out the other day our household was visited from a friendly fellow explaining The Affordable Care Act, aka The ACA., aka “Obamacare”, (formerly “Romneycare”). He stood on the front porch and explained to my girlfriend that he was from an organization hired (created) to inform citizens in our state about the new healthcare options, how to sign up, and how to get further information.

She said she was impressed and actually called him the most helpful stranger to ever show up at the front door. Not a lot of competition, I know, but still a compliment.

He left her with a flyer spelling out pretty clearly the basics of the situation: Everyone must be covered for 2014, and if you don’t currently receive coverage from your employer or other entity you will have to purchase a plan (or ‘product’) by 1/1/14.

My household has been uninsured for 5+ years and we are all relatively healthy, so we are a primary target for signing up. I live with my girlfriend and her child, in a house I own and have been underwater on for the last 4 years. I’m living the updated american dream – I am a salaried employee with no benefits. My sole benefit is my mobile working environment and the small tax break I can take for my home office.


Yesterday on the news they were discussing the attempt to get the message out about ACA details, and the republican efforts to sabotage the ACA. They claimed these “navigator” groups have been hired in every state (total budget $50 million) to find the uninsured masses (50 million people, coincidence?) and encourage them to sign up.

The big question as to what it will all cost is still out there. I’m expecting to pay somewhere between $200-$300 month to get mid-level coverage for myself, with lower deductibles (co-pay) than a cheaper plan. I’ve been putting off healthcare for 10 years now, so as soon as I’m covered I plan on making some appointments to get this old rig serviced!

Sidenote – It will be interesting to see how they price it for the rest of my household. We are not married, so I assume we will have separate policies. She’s unemployed and a single mother so her tax credits should be more substantial than mine. I will also compare that to the rates if we were married. Should be interesting to see how the structured it.

Overall – we were very impressed with the Navigator guy and their pitch. If they really only spent $3 to get that guy on my porch explaining things to 3 uninsured people, and this is really happening all over the country through September, I have a good feeling about people becoming more informed than the republican-dominated news will let on.


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