decades of fun

The Modern Dance live, aka Dream Show Friday night!

If you would have hit me on the head hard enough to convince me I was talking to a music genie, and that genie convinced me he was able to grant me wishes, one of those wishes might have resembled what is happening tomorrow night.

Or, to hype it more….. the best underground band my town has ever had from back in the day has reformed and is playing our best club’s tenth anniversary party. They’ve also promised to play their entire first album live! Also, plus, (such as, such as) — 2 killer current bands are playing the same place, same night, on a second stage.

Facts: It’s the legendary Pere Ubu, playing this Friday March 5th at the legendary Beachland Ballroom. And they are going to play “The Modern Dance” in it’s entirety! It’s hometown heroes playing at everyone’s favorite home club, plus new legends in the making This Moment In Black History and Sun God playing the attached Beachland Tavern.

OK, if you ain’t around Cleveland and have never heard of Pere Ubu, it’s ok. But now you have heard of them and I will be enjoying myself tomorrow night, living out a rock and roll phantasy.

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