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Trumpstruction of Justice

It’s like The Nixon Tapes turned into a radio mic and broadcast around the world live.

Our president is a crook. A serial liar. And he tweets his crimes. The biggest bully in America is being victimized!

Amusingly, he is either unaware of, or unable to understand, the law.

He just ordered his own Attorney General to halt an investigation of himself and his campaign.

An Attorney General who recused himself due to Russian influence over his office.

This after firing the lead investigator a year ago for not halting the investigation.

After that firing, and admitting it was obstruction of justice on live TV!, a special counsel was appointed. That special counsel has the dirt on Don Juan and his orange head is about to explode.

So many witches!

Only in Trumperica is changing your story daily OK.

Only in Trumperica is blaming everyone but yourself OK.

Don Juan Trump is a clown.

It would be funny if not so sad.

He said the other day that the “fake news media” would be gone after he left.

The only thing going with him are the Republicans.

Trump has exposed almost all of them as fake moralists, fake capitalists, fake patriots, and fake law abiders.

The fool & the tool: A match made in hell.