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Re-Watch Cosby?

Fascinating article and comments by someone who recently re-watched the iconic 80’s sitcom and came away very conflicted.

I have yet to see a Cosby show post-allegations. I may try the experiment and see if I can still enjoy it. There are other reasons to watch, ya know.




I know I can still enjoy Ike Turner’s work, but images of a beaten Tina do pop up eventually and bother the happiness of the moment. I guess I don’t linger on Ike’s work, I’m usually there listening to Tina so it’s not exactly the same. I can’t think of other artists that have had their personal life get in the way.

OK maybe 1 – I don’t and wouldn’t listen to Charlie Manson’s music, and I thought it was distasteful that Guns ‘N Roses covered one of his songs.

Artists are complicated people and when you find out they are in some way criminal it doesn’t immediately invalidate their work. But it can, in the end, spoil their magic because you can’t un-know something .