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Pathetic 4x Conference Champs


Stephen A Smith tells the truth, then that dufus Max guy gets some Cleveland beating in.

Of course Lebron is the key to all of it. He’s the key to wherever he goes and always has been.

To call the entire Cleveland franchise pathetic is forgetting the fact that you don’t go to the finals 5x if you are pathetic. You just don’t.

Shutup Max. Your midwest-hate is getting the best of you.

A guy like Max often uses analytics to make their case.

2017-18  50-32 East champs

2016-17  51-31 East champs

2015-16  57-25 NBA champs

2014-15  53-29 East champs

Analyze that.

1 man can’t do that. You have to put the right pieces around him.

2013-14  33-49 missed playoffs in East

By my count Lebron was worth about 20 wins a season. That’s nice, but not 50.

Never forget – the Warriors were created to defeat Lebron. They have been successful in catching him at a disadvantage.

When his team is healthy and his shooters are hitting, Lebron’s Cavs beat the Warriors in an epic 7 games.

2 Finals have seen the Warriors picking apart the Cavs suspect defense. The first matchup in 2015 had 2 of the Cavs top 3 players out with injury, so it gets the asterisk.