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Stewart Nails The Money Men

Minimum wage in the US hasn’t moved much in years. Prices on everything everywhere have been going up for a decade but the workers who serve and clean most of our crap are getting poorer and poorer.

We all know that fast food doesn’t only employ teenagers and elderly. Most fast food staff are regular folks trying to get by, and perhaps trying to educate themselves to find a better job or pay off a debt. Either way, they have to eat, pay daycare, have a cell phone, go to the doctor and pay their rent just like the rest of us.

So some fast food workers have organized and are striking, trying to get their minimum (and thus average) wage raised to a more livable rate for 2013. Of course, the Republicans show their true colors when talking about minimum wage fast food workers — these people are not hard-working, bootstrapping future capitalists looking for fair compensation for an admittedly shitty job, and they aren’t people laid off from a trade or corporation scraping to find any job they can secure – they are all lazy welfare-taking moochers that just want a handout.

Somehow to the average stupid republican – asking your employer for more money by striking is now the same as taking welfare money from the government. It’s so not the same, but Republicans get away with such jumps of logic regularly.