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Roaming Crazy Is Taking Off

Finally some action on the northside we can announce… a new project, a new single, and a fresh start in 2011!

The new band is working under the name Roaming Crazy and features a strong lineup of JP, Dakota, LoCro, and myself Ezraz.

Roaming Crazy is gonna be Aggressively Improvised Innovation.

Roaing Crazy will be introduced to you by the first single “Stares 2020”, with a release targeted for mid-winter. Hopefully all the spambots that subscribe to this blog will purchase a copy.

Aggressively Improvised Innovation

The illions of 2MERICA fans shocked to read this news should not be alarmed! Put down your weapon of choice — 2M will stay strong, with the latest single Keep Steady hitting the internuts just now, plus the next track from Scherzo Elskorpion – the boombastic Mass Entertainment – should be plastering your face this spring.

I was born to multitask, rocking both the pre-empt and the co-op suckas!