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Offense With No Regard

…for human decency!

With Lebron back on the Cavs, he’s joining a team that’s considerably more entertaining than the Cavs team he left in 2010. Anderson Varajeo is the only guy left on the roster from back then, and when he stays healthy he’s as popular and effective as ever. He’s one of the best hustle garbage men in the L.

Cavs600But where the 2007-2010 team had Lebron as the sole slasher/dunker/off the dribble- type of player, surrounded by vets, shooters, and role players — this 2014 Cavs team has an intriguing young core of guys who can really make plays on their own.

If they trade this year’s 1st pick Wiggins for Kevin Love that gives the young Cavs two established all-stars and olympians to go with the young guns Kyrie Irving (21), Dion Waiters (23), Tristan Thompson (23), Anthony Bennett (21), and Dwight Powell (23).

Dion Waiters brings the nasty from the 2 spot:

and of course Kyrie can break down and shoot over any point guard in the NBA:

Tristan is a double double with either hand (without any plays called for him). Bennett is attempting to atone for the worst rookie season by any 1st pick ever, so he has nothing but upside or bust. He looks in shape and much more in tune with the flow this summer. The Powell kid is a physical freak who is raw but powerful. Don’t forget Matt Dellavedova (24) who’s turning into a scrappy backup PG and you have a ton of talent under 25 for Lebron to mold.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 1.15.49 PMSo far the Cavs have added veteran free agents Mike Miller and James Jones, two shooting small forwards who teamed with Lebron for Miami’s title seasons. Ray Allen is also in the discussion as another marksman to spread the offense while Kyrie, Dion, and Lebron carve up the middle.

Where’s the other side – the bad news to rain on this amazing off-season? Well, this lineup doesn’t have much defensive history beyond Lebron and Varejao. Last year’s single-season run of Mike Brown did improve the defense of the young Cavs, but they still have a long way to go. The best argument for keeping Wiggins over Love has been his defense, particularly on the wing. Tristan isn’t horrible defensively, but is not a rim protector. Andy alone is not enough down low, so I’d like to see them find a way to get a rim protector at the 4 or 5.