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Gonna Need 200 Thousand Paper Cups


I love it. My manager Fahqfasse said I wish I could be so lucky to have 200k people show to my birthday bash. The best I can do is get 4 half-naked fake females with similar sounding fake names to friend me on myspace in the course of 2 minutes. Some of them even live in my town! They are new in town too, so I think I have a chance, haha.

BTW — I am not on Facebook, never have been, and I enjoy the fact that I am starting to miss people’s FB-announced-only social events. Obviously I’m not a neophyte (I have probably 20 profiles at every other kind of site currently – literally hundreds of social profiles over the decades I’ve been online), I just hate Facebook. Hated it from day 1, hate it more now that every moron on the planet is using it to replace all forms of human interaction.

Some readers might know that I have experience programming databases and data warehousing systems, and running reports on such data. If you’ve been feeding your daily personal information and habits to Facebook or some other services and don’t worry about it, I think in the next 2-4 years you will see software developed that makes you wish you could delete all that data. Of course you can’t, and you don’t ‘own’ it anymore once it’s online.

The real fear isn’t that these new systems will come to your house to take you away because of something you’ve done wrong. Nor is it scary to think that the drugstore and every other retailer wants to track me in order to sell me more items (preferably those with the highest profit margin). My real concern is when these system miscalculate or use a faulty algorithm and you are tagged as something/someone you are not. I wonder if there’s any sexual predators named Mark Elliot Zuckerberg in the world?