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It’s Not Just the NSA: Police Are Tracking Your Car

It’s Not Just the NSA: Police Are Tracking Your Car – Slashdot.

I told y’allz.


I build (and then query) databases, and have been doing it for many years.

Facebook, Google, NSA, the cops, drug stores, retailers, the education system, Apple – these companies have been building databases on you – your actions, your locations, your likes and dislikes, your demographic data, your political views, your pets, etc.

All of these groups are just learning how to query their customer data and enact programs based on the results. Look for this to continue and your old data coming back to haunt you more and more.

If the government doesn’t stop these groups from sharing their databases they will do it for profit. They will sell us all down the river for a buck, and we all know it.

Imagine the police databases, the facebook databases, the health databases, the apple databases, the phone/internet databases, and your company’s database all collaborating? What kind of horrible and illegal things could you do to a person with all that data?

Who decides where you can walk? The database.
Who decides what you can buy? The database.
Who decides if what you buy is appropriate? The database.
Who decides what movie is appropriate for you? The database.
Who decides if your musical taste makes you a bad employee? The database.
Who decides every aspect of your modern life? The database.

From the earliest days of the internet, this was a primary fear.

Will our information age swamp and drown us? Will we give our freedoms over to a big brother database?

Are you free to sneak around town anymore? Are you free to purchase something, dispose of something, or otherwise take on some project that you don’t want publicized?

If I type something on the internet implying illegal behavior then get in my car and drive, can a cop pull out and get me without a traffic violation?

Paranoia or the facts of modern life?