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You Only Post On Comment Sections Because You Want To Be Trendy


Say you need to purchase a big ticket item, and this item is the primary tool you use to make a living. Which one do you select?

  • The product built from better materials, to a tighter specification, that will then last longer, or an inferior plastic-framed lookalike?
  • The product that, although stronger, is also lighter, quieter, and has less moving parts?
  • The product that can taken right into the store it was purchased at for free tech support from an expert who can fix/replace it on the spot if needed, or a product which has to be shipped away for service?
  • The product that comes with most things needed to start your work within an hour (including all of your previous work), or one that requires configuration, resetting, and some help to get it all working?
  • The product that allows you to avoid scams & security threats easily without any additional help, or one that requires layers of protection from countless attackers?
  • The product that has longer battery life, is easier on your eyes and wrists, and when upgrading has a higher resale value, or a product that fails in those categories?
  • Finally, do you want the product that costs less to own and operate over the next 5 years, or one that’s less money up front and more expensive as time goes?


This the the way I see the current OS wars, especially in the laptop space. I read about the amazing success of Apple’s bottom line over the last few years yet I still see comments about how mac users are nothing more than trendy douches who know nothing about computers. Yet if you go down that list above and try to argue my points you are suffering from delusion, since not one of them has to do with style or marketing.

Apple products are just better that most of their competitors, from the initial R&D to the smallest screw. They have been for many years and the market is finally coming to that conclusion.

A Chevy Cavalier is not a BMW. Both will get you to work and the McDonalds drive through. I probably have more friends that drive Cavaliers than BMW’s. But I spend way more time on a laptop than in a car, and a car has only cost me money, never made me money. So the car analogy only goes so far.


A laptop is the most important tool a modern person owns – it is our central hub, our information appliance, and for some, our primary means to pay rent.

I’ve been making a living off a mac laptop for many years now, and have macs of all shapes and vintages in use throughout my operation. One of my macs doing work today is over 11 years old and has never had a single issue. Of course Apple makes some duds (every company does) but the message board trolls who beat up on Apple with stupid words like ‘fanbois’ are all sorts of lame. Hate much?

You can market a turd all you want. Spend billions on it. Hire the best agency and the hottest models and it’s still a turd. Apple succeeds because the philosophy of the company is to deliver the best overall product possible, and in most cases they succeed.