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#TrumpTreason is Trending

Call it Trump scandal # 43,421,993 or something. I lost count long ago.

The whistleblower is at a high level because they are involved in presidential phone calls.

The whistleblower is/was on Trump’s team.

The whistleblower is claiming they heard the President of the United States say something so outside the lines of legality that they put their career and life on the line to report it to the proper authorities. They took perfect notes and filed the report through all the proper channels.

The people tasked with investigating such things reviewed the report and immediately took it to the top. By law it goes to congress next – an 8 person bi=partisan group.

Then the order came from the white house. Stop the complaint. Don’t let congress see it.

The order was backed by a weak ruling from a Trump judge. It will probably all fall apart in court at a later date, like most Trump things. But it accomplished it’s immediate goal.

No one in congress or the press has reviewed the complaint or heard the supposed offending phone call yet. The president and the people on that call know what he said. The Democrats are squawking about impeachment again but I don’t know if they have the votes.

It couldn’t happen to a better person. Trump is a disgusting wart on humanity.

Even Fox News can’t quite spin this. Check this shit out: