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Sanity On The Right?

Nice stuffed lion, kid. That place looks like a gold-encrusted prison to me. Only Don Juan smiles.

The GOP has been insane most of my adult life.

But it’s been harder and harder to find rational thought from anyone on the right, because of how rationality <> Trumpism.

Cue Charles…

As a conservative, I despair at Republicans’ support for Trump. His vision is not conservatism

It is hard to refute those who say Trumpism is a product of conservatism but refute them we must. We are better than this

My water and wine is the best water and wine ever made! Fabulous! Buy that and you’ll buy anything.

Don Juan the Con has taken over the republican party. It couldn’t have happened to a more gullible bunch of fools.  The Tea Party run by that man.  HAHAHA