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Yesterday: No Quid Pro Quo! Today: We Do It All The Time, Get Over It

Stupid. So stupid.

Don Trump is the double down of stupid.

Trump’s chief of staff just co-signed his confession. On TV. In a press conference. They withheld Ukraine aid until they started investigating US Democrats. And they are so proud of it they tried to hide it on a classified system, then lied about it for months, threatened BOTH of the whistleblowers who reported it…..

I get tired listing their lies. I think that’s their favorite tactic – lie so much no one can keep up.

Then (of course) the Chief of Staff is trying to walk it back 2 hours later.

Amazing bunch of criminals this Trump clan. Very aggressive and very sloppy.

I hope he resigns in shame. Or he runs and gets 5% of the vote. What a shame for our country.