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Reality Is Tabloid

Have you noticed the tabloids seem to be awfully quiet the last few years? Where are the Michelle Obama alien babies? What about the illuminati child porn stories? Didn’t someone in Hollywood sell their soul to Satan and the evidence is on Page 7?

Why aren’t we bombarded with these amazing scandalous headlines at the checkout line anymore? Where did they go?

Remember me? The president that was under attack from fake news.


Trump killed them all. He is in the actual White House. He lies more than they did. They have nothing.

Trump is a tabloid. He’s heavily invested in the tabloids. Fake News is kinda his thing. This is a guy who called reporters pretending to be his own press agent to brag about himself. Cray.

The National Enquirer has done Don’s Dirty Deeds for decades. Quid pro quo aka Done Dirt Cheap.

The tabloids have literally helped enhance his brand and take out his competition over the years. Which is why they cover NONE of the Trump scandals. NONE of the crazy stories from his clan. Total cover up.

Sick to think the types of people that elevated Trump over the years. What a fine collection of criminals, perverts, and exploiters worldwide.

I should write the book Don The Con right now. History will not be kind to this criminal enterprise.

Guess who owns the Washington Post now? His paper exposes peckers all the time.