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We Can Make It If We Try – Come To The Mini-Maker Faire!

maker1There is a cool new thing sweeping the globe called the Makers Faire, where people of all types and businesses gather to show what they make, how they make it, and sometimes even let you get involved in making some.

These types of things vary from machined objects, 3D printing, all the way to handmade crafts. The idea is that we can all make, create, and innovate, and there are new technologies mixed with ancient concepts that drive this movement.

So and the Flux-adel Recording Division studios will be in the booth at The Musicians Garden. The hook? We make music. Most of the makers use music to inspire their making. So music is the key ingredient to making.

Here’s the show:
Here’s Musicians Garden:
Here’s the Eventbrite:

It’s Saturday April 13th from 10am-6pm at the Cleveland Public Library, Louis Stokes Wing. We will be on the 5th floor – just follow the music…