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Trump Gives Up

In March when the lockdowns started I predicted the Trump campaign would wait a few weeks then declare victory over Coronavirus and go home. As the weeks ran into months they indeed did try to declare victory.

Since no one believes in that victory, they are working on their new strategy. Trump is busy trying to start another race war as distraction.

But as case counts go through the roof and most americans think the country is going to hell and fast, the mighty Trump campaign has decided the best way forward is to give up.

That’s it. Mock it and ignore it. Deal with it.

130k dead? Deal with it. Not his problem.

That’s their new message about Covid. Not mitigation. Not contact tracing and social distancing. Not basic CDC and WHO science. Deal with it.

And they will all own stock in whoever gets the antivirus right. Fuckin creeps.

Oh BTW – these same people just tried to cancel Obamacare and reverse the mandate to cover pre-existing conditions. And they would have gotten away with it except that the Supreme Court ordered that their lack of a replacement was criminal negligence.

The conservative court determined Trump Inc. was, yet again, guilty of criminal negligence.

It’s gotten so bad his own people are wondering if he’s quitting.