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Ukraine…. China… Russia… The President Openly Commits Treason

Don John Trump’s modus operandi is to always be on the offense and always double down no matter how you are hit. Always strike back harder. Always deflect to someone else (whataboutism), attack twice as hard, and ridicule your attacker like a 5th grade playground bully. There is no right and wrong only seeming to win an argument.

Shock them with your audacity. Oh and sue sue sue! Sue everyone! Get a few fixers like a mob boss and sue everyone that blocks your way to riches.

#MAGA actually stands for
even #MyAttorneysGetArrested.
Or #MyAttorneysGetAttorneys.
I like that one better.

This thuggish mentality leads him to commit crimes in plain site. When a criminal is so confident in his ability to escape justice they will flaunt their life above the law by committing crimes in the open.

Who’s gonna stop him? You? You? Me?

Russia? Ukraine? China? Please help me win the election. Please help me become a lawless dictator. Please help me bring Nickelback back. Maybe if i do treason every day from the white house lawn it won’t be treason anymore?

Trump is now in a place where he believes that if he does treasonous things out in the open no one will think they are treasonous.

Trump suggests Ukraine and China should investigate Bidens

The Republican Response to Treason in the wide open? Silence. Big surprise. Fake patriots all of them. They trust China & Ukraine & Russia over democrats.

How Republicans Learned to Tolerate Foreign Election Interference

This week Donald Trump shattered a long-standing democratic norm and bet his party wouldn’t object. So far he’s mostly been proved right.

The perfect stable genius is a rat, always has been, always will be