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PonoPlayer Review

Welcome to’s review of the PonoPlayer. I’ve broken the review into sections available from this table of contents. If you need a quick summary version, jump to Section 10. ‘How does it sound’ is in Section 8.


1. A Sense Of It All
2. Stay Righteous & Stay Human
3. The Digital Re-Creation
4. Quest For Perfection
5. Dinosaurs With Good Ears
6. Bootlegger’s Refrain
7. Neil Asks Steve ‘Why Not?’
8. PonoPlayer Basics
9. Real World Listening
10. Cliff Let You Borrow His Notes

Addendum: Long Term Update (5 months with PonoPlayer)

Dwight gets it

Addendum II: Other PonoPlayer reviews

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No animals were harmed in the writing of this review, except for me constantly knocking my idiot cat off the armrest.
First published at on 01-04-2015.
Special thanks to John Siracusa and his monster reviews of OSX for motivation to get this thing done.