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Trump’s Final, Glorious, Typical, Yuge Shitstorm

Thank God & Satan that Donald Trump did not try to fake a gracious defeat! That would have been the final beatdown & insult to our intelligence. Instead he is going scoreboard on his way out, leaving even worse than he came in.

DJ Trump is an all-time sniveling devil of a president. Horrible DJ too.

Trump = Biggest Loser. Also the new owner of a failed coup.

Don the Con ends up being america’s biggest loser and whiner. Our national embarrassment. He lost to Joe Biden by over 7 million votes (and still counting!?!) but he won’t admit it. He lost the electoral college by the same margin he won it in 2016. Then, he described it as a blowout victory.

No incumbent has lost this badly in 60+ years.


Yeah maybe he got 70 million votes. We’ve always known that there are many stupid, simple, and/or racist americans. We’ve always known that the 2 party system is the real enemy of american progress. Right wing psycho media goes hand in hand with Trumpism.

Maybe he’s accusing everyone else of fraud because he didn’t get 70m votes? He loves fraud. That’s his usual M-O. Wondering about his sorry-ass court cases attempting to overturn the election? 34 losses and counting. No victories showing any fraud, anywhere. No victories. Biggest Loser Ever.

All of the state recounts and audits are coming back accurate, so I’m not suspicious this year. Poll workers are good citizens, and are monitored by both parties’ lawyers constantly.

Since losing, Trump has spent most of his time golfing. His calendar is empty. He apparently no longer cares about the pandemic, the depression, or the country.

Insiders believe he does his secret work on the golf course since there is far less surveillance and record keeping there than anywhere else he leans over. He is often on the phone while on the links, escaping presidential record keeping. Lord knows what Trump is up to out there.

What Trump didn’t get is a dance party when he won in 2016. The real reason he’s hiding (no public comment in 19 days!!!) is because whenever Joe Biden is declared the winner again (and again, and again) there are spontaneous eruptions of joy.

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Joe Biden = Any Sane Adult. Any Sane Adult beat Donald, not Joe.

Donald’s fragile ego is based on admiration to him only. He will never compute that he is our biggest loser.

Trump is america’s Robert doll. There’s not enough nails to keep him in his box. He could haunt us for years.

Weak people love to hate. It comes easy. It explains away their weaknesses without introspection.

That’s all Trumpism is – weak racist people looking for a gang. They found it and it’s a big gang. But we are bigger. And we are righteous.

Trump said the virus would disappear (again) after the election. I don’t think he meant into his son Don Jr. But our fave speed freak is indeed fighting the Rona. I hope one of his wild lions eats him.

Poor Donald. So sad in the Rose Garden Without Roses. At least he has his binder. His temper tantrums are fabulous! Outstanding! YUGE!

Anyway…. here we are. It’s almost Thanksgiving and he’s not gone yet. Can an entire country fall prey to the #EverythingTrumpTouchesDies force?

Or is this just another #farce that incompetent hitler is playing on america?

Trump stole Sarah Palin’s ignorance is bliss act. He polished it up and it worked for awhile. At least it worked on the weak GOP. He hurt this nation greatly these last 4 years.

When the next one using this act comes along, will we be smarter and better equipped to handle her?