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Right Wing Launches 40 Fake News Sites in Michigan

Guess Fox News and America News Network and Newsmax and Breitbart and Drudge Report and every AM radio station in america isn’t enough….. the righties have launched full-on fake news websites branded with newspaper-sounding Michigan names to…. you know…. fool people into thinking they are journalism and not political mind control.

As far as we know so far the Russians aren’t behind this move. This is american right wing media manipulators putting up 40 fake news sites all across Michigan. This should be illegal and maybe is, but no one will stop anything in these lawless times.

So what are The Lansing Sun, The Ann Arbor Times, The Thumb Reporter and The UP Gazette?

They are not newspapers. They are not community services. They aren’t even in the communities whose name they borrow. They are propaganda outlets. They look to post a mix of press releases and propaganda. All of it looks like real news… of course.

More fake news by the right. A LOT MORE. More mind control. Scare tactics. Let all the righties know what victims they are. Their poor persecuted president, so innocent like Jesus, haha!

Jesus would probably make that exception to non-violence and slap the orange devil.