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Let’s Track Biden’s First Measurable Promise: 100 Million Vaccinated in 100 Days

With an actual leader in the White House we are getting a change of tone, and I for one intend to hold them to their various promises when it’s measureable.

If Joe’s talking political BS and feels of course we can’t measure that. But we can measure how quickly they can distribute the vaccines, which in turn gets us back to normal and socializing again.

The Biden administration is saying the US should have 100 million vaccinated in the first 100 days. It’s a modest but reasonable goal. It’s not much different than what was happening but we haven’t heard much sensible from Trump in months, and anything trustable ever.

Biden’s pick for head of CDC: Dr. Rochelle Walensky. Biden also announced the US would be rejoining the World Health Organization

Since we have 330 million total this is a little less than a 1/3, but if that pace continues it would mean every US citizen has been provided a vaccine within one year of development.

I have to admit I imagined much worse if Trump held power. If the maniacs we still in charge who knows what might have happened.

These vaccines were developed, tested, and approved in slightly less than 1 year after discovery of this new killer virus. 2 years seems reasonable to move past this pandemic. They used supercomputer simulations and DNA-modeling in this vaccine for the first time, which increased speed.

Now we are into distribution: Where you are in age, society, and career situation are determining your place in line. I project to be towards the middle-back of the line so I’ll be tracking the overall count and my own story at the back of the line.

My mother has already gotten her first dose based on her retirement age. I am hearing some horror stories in the media but she didn’t have any complaints.

100 days from now is around the middle of May. I will be updating this post as time marches on to see if the CDC, the states, and a new attitude of cooperation and seriousness from the White House are effective in getting these jabs out.