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A Broken Bike Is Such A Drag

I started riding a bike again regularly about 4 years ago. I immediately lost weight, felt healthier, saw my town in a more interesting way, and generally started to turn into a bike nerd — without the spandex!

As much as I rode my bike, I couldn’t get myself to wear cyclist clothes. Since my daily employment doesn’t require me to wear a suit/uniform I just roll around in my regular gear all day, and try to take more showers.

The bike I bought is classified as a hybrid road bike and has skinny rims+tires. I’m over 200 lbs and I’ve blown out 3 rear rims so far.

The roads here are horrible and sometimes I ride my bike like I’m 11 again, so my back rim really takes a beating. About 2 months ago the back wheel went way out of ‘true’ again making the bike unrideable.

I have been so busy with the rest of my life (and money) that I haven’t fixed that bike.

After 2 months without the bike? I gained alot of weight back, am starting to feel yuck, and generally just miss my baby. I’m going to have the bike shop build me custom rims (supposedly the most durable) and I need to get back on the road soon.

This is my new desire — The Raleigh Roper. It’s 3x the price of my current ride, but if I could only learn to save my money…

Raleigh makes such pretty bikes