decades of fun

We As A People Will Get There

It hasn’t been that long. Don’t forget.

2 wars. The al-Qaeda and Bin Laden boogieman.

No hope for healthcare or tax breaks for the folks. Anti-intellectual, anti-science screamers in charge.

I remember very clearly how scary it was for america.

Are we out of the nightmare yet? Bad trip hangover done? Not quite.

The economy can be better but it’s been turned around as of late, just like GM. Our health and education systems will take another decade to modernize. SuperPacs and the power of big money in politics are on the lips of regular Americans again so perhaps with this knowledge will come reform. Ya right!

Look how young he looked! Look how happy and hopeful we were!

Realistically the man has affected huge change and has more to accomplish. I’ve been to socialist countries, I’ve spoke in length with people who live or lived under socialist systems.

America is not and will never be such a system. The smear of socialist at Obama needs to be countered. Just keep that in mind as the general election starts to heat up.