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Trump Has Looted America

Our con man in chief never makes things better. America is loose on the rails. Every day it’s worse. Now the Orange Julius chooses to do photo-ops in a church overrun by peaceful protestors. So he sends in tear gas and rubber bullets, injures innocent americans and media members, and does his photo op.

He took over a church last night but he didn’t pray. He didn’t project calm. He didn’t announce plans to investigate or curtail future George Floyd cases.

Bishop of the church used for Trump’s photo-op: “I just can’t believe what my eyes have seen. I am outraged.”

He didn’t use that church for it’s usual purpose. Instead he ordered his secret service to push their way in with force to make good TV. Then he stood at the pulpit waving a bible at us while threatening his own citizens.

IF that bible was real and stood for anything it would have burst into flames in that demon’s hands.

There were also reporters from all over the world in that crowd. Crowd control knew it. Secret Service knew it.

Some were live on the air to their Australian morning show when Trump’s goons starting smashing through the crowd. A reporter was beat with a baton live on air. Her cameraman hit with rubber bullets while doing their live shot. They were shot by the same people they showed their press pass to in order to gain entry an hour earlier.


The Australian ambassador spoke up: Uh, America, your president can’t order harm to foreign journalists. Only the ‘bad’ countries do that, remember?

Yes, the world has gone from laughing at us to worrying for us. Either way I can feel the world leaving the US behind.

George Will, conservative icon who broke with the Trump con years ago, is pleading with americans to end this disaster at the ballot box: Trump Must Be Removed. So Must His Congressional Enablers.

Another conservative icon (of lesser importance), David Frum, also put out a scathing Trump article that I borrowed my post title from: Trump Is The Looter: The president is exposing problems in America that most did not want to see.

We have been looted by our own bankrupt democracy – a maniacal swindler got 23% of the citizens to vote for him and is destroying this country in ways most of us didn’t think was possible.

Those old conservatives are right – the best way to stop this madness is a resounding defeat at the ballot box, like by 25 points or more. That should make Trump and his lackeys scurry away quickly as they avoid prison, where a sizeable chunk of his crew currently reside.

We are all Vince McMahon in this clip.

If someone managed to take him down there would be a party in this country like never before. I’ve always heard that the US supports ‘regime change’ in other nations, by damn near any means necessary.

I wonder if other countries are looking at us that way right now. Trump enables forces of evil. Always has, always will.

Everything Trump touches dies……

C’mon America, break that cycle.