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Accomplice Republicans Won’t Stop Trump’s Lawlessness

Sorry America, the Republicans won’t be riding in to save us from the Angry Orange Criminal. Trump the bully has successfully slapped them into silence, even getting these so called patriots to agree that his treasonous call to Ukraine’s president was OK.

Nothing to see here!

Everything I do and did is perfect. Ab-so-lute-ly perfect. Some people say I am a very stable genius.

That’s why Trump has threatened civil war. That could also be treasonous. I know it’s vile. Righties already load up and murder innocents… looks like Don wants more.

… pause…. mark this date…. the president just threatened civil war…

Don also wants to investigate the congressman opposing him for treason. Trump must not know the meaning of that word… or at least hopes his uninformed, racist followers don’t.

To them, things mean whatever Dear Leader says they mean.

Trump – the day after Robert Mueller delivered his report outlining 10 different possible obstruction of justice charges – got on the phone to pressure the Ukranian president (a former reality TV star!) into getting political dirt for the 2020 election.

They knew it was bad because they tried to cover it up.

Guess what… the cover up was discovered.

Reality TV has gone too far.

Even warmonger John Bolton thought this was beyond the pale. He resigned soon thereafter, and then of course, Trump said he fired him. Trump seems incapable of honesty.

Goodbye Trump, please. Every supporter of his needs to think long and hard about what it even means to be an american.

The Carolina Herald & Sun gets it right:

Republicans aren’t coming to the rescue, America

USA Today on another breakdown of morality in our nation:

‘Horrific and chilling’: Whistleblower advocates complain as Trump tries to identify source of Ukraine complaint