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The Trilogy Truth – Crunch Time Baby

It’s on. Match III. No excuses.

Cavs vs. Warriors III

Cleveland & Akron vs. San Fran & Oakland

The King vs. The Data

Amazing lack of proper analysis that I’m seeing. Most of the national writers, bloggers, talking head analysts out there have brought out their formulas and rankings and have determined that the 2017 Golden State Warriors are going to crush the current champion Cavaliers.

The advanced stats show it, they say. The east is so weak they say.

The ’17 Warriors are better than last year they say.

Last year was already the best team ever.  Until they weren’t.

This year’s Warriors are supposedly better because they added another guy who disappears in huge moments?

A guy they had already beaten several times. A guy Lebron had already beaten on the biggest stage…

That’s their guy?

Look up KD’s numbers in clutch time. In winning time he’s a dud.

And what did the Warriors give up to get KD?  Most of their depth.

I don’t buy that the 2017 Warriors are better than the 2016 Warriors.

But they are hungrier. They are seeking revenge.

They are healthier and without technical foul problems.

They also got lucky with the Kawhi injury. Dodged a bullet there.

But it also leaves them vulnerable.

The Warriors have yet to be tested in this entire playoffs.

How about on the Cleveland side of things?

All systems go. All healthy, including JR for the first time this year.

Well rested. Deeper than last year. Lebron is making history every night.

The addition of a true point guard and the best 3 point shooter in the HISTORY OF THE GAME, plus the continued steadiness of Frye, Jefferson, and Shump give the Cavs a bench advantage.

Then there’s Kyrie. He seems hungry for his Steph time.

Ky is one of those guys that continually gets ignored in the best ever discussions (perhaps because of his defense) but when he has the ball in his hands he feels like the best baller to ever hold a basketball.

Getting buckets is the name of the game and Uncle Drew’s game is unstoppable.

He feasts on Steph.

Crunch Time is what it comes down to.  The Warriors rarely face it and have a few guys that are known to shrink during it. Durant Shrinks then Shirks with a Shucks face when the game is on the line. Steph misses. Dray and Klay can miss too, and they don’t usually take the big shots.

The Cavs, on the other hand, grow during crunch time. Lebron’s power’s are amplified when there’s under 4 minutes and they need a run.

His teammates, like they always have, grow in his shadow and ride his cape. Their confidence soars because he is pass-first.

He made Delly nearly equal Steph in 2015. He makes Shump into Klay. With Lebron, Tristan has flashes of Wilt. This team flexes at the right time.

And then you have 5+ guys that will kill you in crunch time. Killers. LBJ Kyrie Love Korver Frye DWill RJ and Tristan on the boards.

Cavs in 6.

Cleveland kills the curse for good with a nice little dynasty.

Lebron starts shopping for teams or makes his offer to Gilbert.