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Only In America


Try to follow the twisted logic we ‘mericans live in: The governor of a big eastern state, to avert crisis, works with the other party to reform their state health system. They put in place a universal coverage policy that ultimately provides better healthcare benefits than the other 49 states.

This system is implemented, studied and ultimately, roundly admired. So much so that it becomes a model for national reform. Several presidential candidates, from both parties, adopt it as plank in their platform. The one that wins goes forward and implements a version of this reform nationally. This healthcare reform is given a catchy, negative label (even thought most of it hasn’t even taken affect yet) and then the funny season starts. It’s election time again, and bumper-sticker sloganeering runs and ruins the day. Good/bad, for/against, no common ground, nothing but wedges.

The governor who started this reform then earns his parties nomination for President with nary a bragging moment on his accomplishment. How and why? Why is because his opponent has adopted his policy, and his opponents party has claimed creation and dedication to the ideology behind the policy. A confusion of terms regarding far-away government systems and the limited vocabulary of the average american allows us to be put into these stupid, incorrect buckets.

AKA – socialism is communism, communism is evil, socialism is socialized medicine, forcing people to be covered or pay a fine is socialism, mandating anything is un-american, helping the sick/poor is un-american….hey people, try looking up “facism” and “corporatism” when you are comparing modern America to ideologies.

What could possible be better than what we have now? Here’s what we have now – I’m a healthy male in my 30’s. I had to go to the ER 2 months ago with a facial nerve issue. It ended up being Bells Pallsy and after they determined that I didn’t have a stroke, they sent me home and told me it will get better on it’s own after 8-12 weeks. I spent 22 hours in the hospital, had no procedures done, no medication, had 2 diagnostic tests run and they just sent me a $14,000 bill. Do the math, that’s over $600/hour. If you remove the diagnostics from my bill, the bed/hospitality alone was $7,000.

So Romneycare becomes Obamacare & Romney denounces and promises to abolish it if elected. Huh? Romney supporters claim Obamacare is going to ruin America which is why we must vote for Romney. Huh?

Meet The Press sat down with Romney yesterday and asked what will happen to all of the people already receiving benefits from Obamacare if he’s elected. Well, there are parts of Obamacare he really likes, he says, and he won’t repeal Obamacare, he’ll replace it with Romneycare. Huh?

The republical logic pretzel continues to fascinate.