decades of fun

Monkey Do

The seventies was a strange decade in the music industry. Artists of all stripes found success before the chasm of “Politcally Correct -vs- Gangsta” divided the popular music industry. Money was flowing during the vinyl and FM radio heyday. It was very different than now. There were only 4 ways to get music:

  1. buy the album from an actual store
  2. listen to the radio, probably FM, all day
  3. go to a concert
  4. make it yourself

Since we are all addicted to music, all 4 of those distribution methods thrived. Now there’s thousands of ways to get music at any moment, anywhere. It has been devalued as a product. But anyway…

One of the weirder dudes to make records back then was Michael Franks. He had a jazzy, lighthearted, usually sexual perspective delivered with a child-like voice that made his records stand out. He wrote a couple real good numbers, including Monkey See, Monkey Do. He’s still out doing his thing, check this performance from France in 2010:

That pocket is so deep, I love this drummer’s performance on this track.